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Tony Moran I AM SEOUL 2019
July 23, 2019 08:58 PM PDT
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The passion for music goes beyond words. It motivates us to come together all around the planet. Thank you for letting me channel the effervesce of music from the DJ booth. Now, let me offer my heart and soul through this musical journey. Every song has the purpose of creating energy for this wonderful journey we call life. Let’s share this energy in Seoul, South Korea. Many people may see a dance-floor as just the space across the bar, but to me the dance-floor is a family gathering with rhythm and liberation that unites all. Here is a sample of this union.
Tony Moran -For The People PODCAST- Fall Edition celebrating Dallas Pride!
September 13, 2017 12:55 PM PDT
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It’s been too long! This summer has been crazier than ever and it’s taken me around the globe, but I cannot forget my people out there! Here you go. Music that has inspired my dance floors along with special new unreleased tracks to give you that exclusive feel as well. Tony Moran: “For The People”- The Podcast September sessions gearing up for Dallas Pride, September 16th, 2017 Inspired by The Impulse Dallas Group, I am giving you a 90 minute serving of the energy that I’ll be giving.to give you a taste of special moments you’ll get at Club Stereo Live Dallas! Info about party Sept 16th in Dallas………. Go to impulsegrp.org https://storage.googleapis.com/media.stereolivedallas.com/2017/08/Impulse_Pride_FB-Cover.jpg 1- Deborah Cox- “Let The World Be Ours Tonight”- Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Remix 2- Tony Moran & Deep Influence- “Ain’t No Stopping’ Us”- Private Unreleased remix 3- “Colombia”- Tom Siher & Binomio Remix 3- “Hotter Than Hell”- Mauro Mozart Remix 4- “California Sun”- Hoxton Whores Club Mix 5- Gauthreaux & Grind feat. Sandy B - Keep The Hands Clapping 6- Chameleon (Melé Remix) 7-Lady Gaga - The Cure (Enrry Senna Remix) 8- Tony Moran feat. Kimberly Davis- Leat Me Home- Mauro Mozart Private Unreleased Remix 9- DJ HEAD- Music Is My Art- Reconstruction Unreleased Remix By Tony Moran 10- Guallalberto Garcia- Sound Of My Life- GSP Remix 11- R5 - If -(Toy Armada & DJ GRIND Dub Mix) 12- Antoine Clamaran and Kim English - I Feel Love (Everyday Mash Mauro Mozart) 13- Magalenha feat. Sergio Mendes (Extended Mix) 14- Tom Tyger & Melsen- I Need U (Extended Mix)/ MASH UP with TOUCH FAITH (Oscar Velazquez) 15- Nile Rodgers & Tony Moran feat. Kimberly Davis- My Fire (Rosabel Remix) 16- Tony Moran feat. Deborah Cooper- “Live You All Over- (James Hurr Remix) 17-ZUM ZUM- Tony Moran Private Remix 18- Ben Platt feat. The Cast Of Dear Evan Hansen- Waving Through A Window- Tony Moran Remix Thank you for customizing the artwork. Paul Norman for PNP video and special thanks to DEEP INFLUENCE & DJ GRIND sharing some of the amazing tracks in this selection. Let know your thoughts and I really like to list all the tracks in my podcast to encourage you to purchase most of the music somewhere to support these talented artists that should be benefiting for all of their creative efforts! See you on The Dance Floor, Tony
December 12, 2016 02:05 AM PST
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Welcome to Part 2 of my BELIEVE PODCAST- The extended Journey BELIEVE is an amazing party held in Monterrey, Mexico. I was now able to combine pieces of other sets from CLUB PULSE in South Korea RICH’s Nightclub in Houston and my set in Tel-Aviv, Israel for my good friend Shirazi! to give you 92 minutes of various feelings. Within my live sets, it’s a total journey that last for hours. Here is a more complete taste of that. Vocals, , Tribal Beats and new productions and remixes that have recently reached the Top Ten on Billboard and around the world. World premiere of one of my songs that I wrote for Bannarama. I am sure it will surprise you. As well as #1 Billboard top chopping songs by Crystal Waters and Jason Walker as well as new remix of my of Brian Justin Crum, which is produced by Toy Armada and Stephen Massey. Check out my new production with Joe Gauthereaux and Deep Influence titled, “Shake The Room. Enjoy the spirit and I hope you like some of these “never before” available tracks blended with some of fun stuff! Love, Tony
Tony Moran Official BELIEVE Podcast
December 02, 2016 08:21 PM PST
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Welcome to my Podcast- titled- BELIEVE BELIEVE is an amazing party held in Monterrey, Mexico. Within this assortment of songs, I just wanted to share what I am feeling. I kept it short intentionally. An hour of energy. Within my set , it’s a total journey that last for hours. Enjoy the spirit and I hope you like some of these “never before” available tracks. Many thanks to all the remixers and producers that let me promote there music. This was recorded on my birthday. Dec 2nd 2016 go to: www.facebook.com/believemty
Tony Moran Disco Superset Vol 3
August 21, 2016 09:41 AM PDT
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I can do this all day, but I got some new joints for you and I have to get back to that. They are worth the wait. Big beats and grew songs. In the meantime, respect the disco music that so inspired us. Love, Tony Special Martha Wash Intro and “Everybody Everybody” acapella 1-Dancer- Gino Soccio (“Can You Move” overlay) 2- There But For The Grace Of God Go I-Machine 3- Spank- Jimmy Bo Horne 4- Midnight- T- Connection 5-The Boss- Diana Ross 6- Love Train- O’Jays (Tony Moran Remix) 7- Never Can Say Goodbye- Tony Moran 8- Hold On To My Love- Jimmy Ruffin (Tony Moran Remix) 9- Can’t Live Without Your Love- Tamiko Jones 10- Come To Me- France Joli (Tony Moran Remix) 11- Young Hearts Run Free- Candi Staton 12- Love Sensation- Loleatta Holloway 13- Instant Replay- Dan Hartman 14- Contact- Edwin Starr 15- The Break- Kat Mandu 16- Cocomotion- El Coco 34- Keep On Jumping- Musique
Tony Moran Disco Superset Vol 2
August 11, 2016 01:56 PM PDT
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Hello again to all the music lovers and disco fans, I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had working on this Disco Superset Trilogy. Here we are at Vol 2…..Whoah!!!! With the support and encouragement of the premiere and legendary DJ, Robbie Leslie , I am serving you all up a platter of timeless classics. Every DJ has their own style and no DJ is better than the other if you are passionate and dedicated to how the music is interpreted from your heart. On this last set, Debby Holiday came into my studio here in LA and made me jump even higher adding all sorts of textures that only she can do. How lucky can a person be to have produced and be in the same room with some of the most amazing DIVAS of my lifetime. Cher, Gloria Estefan, Martha Wash, Deborah Cox, Donna Summer, Debby Holiday and as far as legends go….Barry Manilow and Luther Vandross. When I had a hard time trying to choose the final songs and discuss it with a master of the mix, I asked my longtime friend and LATIN RASCAL pioneering partner, Albert Cabrera to help me through it…OLD SCHOOL STYLE. It was a seamless experience to have your back. You’ll be able to hear how the Latin Rascal magical mixing is in Vol 3 Superset. All props to you ALBERT! Enjoy everyone and special thanks to Phil McKenna for giving this series the visuals that goes beyond my imagination. There is nothing better than having a cover to remind you of what you’ve heard and enjoyed. With this amazing group of collaborators that I have mentioned, I am never lost. Not regarding music or the people that love it. I’ll list the playlist once it’s first aired. Enjoy everyone and I wish you a fun ride. Love, DJ Tony Moran Track Listing.......... 1-Doctor Love- First Choice 2-Love Insurance-Front Page feat. Sharon Redd 3-Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood- Santa Esmeralda 4-You're The First,The Last, My Everything- Barry White  (Tony Moran Remix) 5-Victim- Candi Staton 6-In The Name Of Love- Sharon Redd 7-Love And Desire- Arpeggio 8-Ain’t No Mountain High Enough- Jocelyn Brown 9-Push In The Bush- Musique 10-Souvenirs- Voyage 11-I Feel Love- Donna Summer 12-Do Wanna Funk With Me- Sylvester 13-Your Love- Lime 14-Keep On Dancing - Bee Gees- Tony Moran’s Private Mix 15-Stomp- Brothers Johnson 16-Got To Have Loving- Don Ray 17-Ai No Corrida- Quincy Jones 18-The Love I a Lost- Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes 19-Sunset People- Donna Summer- Tony Moran- Rework
Tony Moran Disco Experience Vol 1
July 31, 2016 01:24 PM PDT
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Tony Moran Disco Experience Vol 1 This set is not a throwback. It’s a collection of songs that I grew up around. It had a label. It was called disco and you could dance to it and sing along to every word. You wait for the breakdown to happen. You start memorizing all the ad-libs regardless of whether a man or woman was singing. I cannot tell you what classics are. I can share with you what they mean to me. Many thanks to DJ Robbie Leslie, who encouraged me to take my cha cha moves down memory lane. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating this 1st set. More to follow! Enough said….LET’S DANCE! 1-Make That Move- Shalamar 2-Forbidden Love- Madeline Kane 3-I Love America- Patrick Juvet 4-Come On And Dance- Saturday Night Band 5-I’ve Got The Next Dance- Denise Williams 6-I’m A Man- Macho 7-This Time Baby- Jackie Moore 8-I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet- Gonzalez 9-Relight MyFire- Dan Hartman 10-Macarthur Park- Donna Summer-(Rosabel Remix) 11-Love Is- Southern Exposure 12-Move On Up- Destination 13-Fire Night Dance- Peter Jaques Band 14-Another Star- Stevie Wonder-(Tony Moran Remix) 15-After Dark - Patti Brooks 16-Superman- Herbie Mann 17-Shame- Evelyn Champagne King
U-NITE PRIDE@ STAGE 48 Teaser set mixed by TONY MORAN
June 24, 2016 03:08 PM PDT
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I have been holding this in for a while. This 70 minute set is just a taste of sexy beats, energetic music and anthems in the making. I have included several new songs from my forthcoming album MOODSWINGS, along with private beats and mixes from my friends to give you a non-stop journey of “Pride” filled music. To complete the journey, I have included a few timeless and unavailable remix classics. So, as I make my debut on June 25th at the legendary Stage 48 in NYC, I will be ready to give my hometown all the love you need. Thanks to Jake Resnikow and John Blair for bringing me in with a top notch group of DJ’s that will keep you dancing as long as you desire. Special thanks to Martha Wash and Alan T for creating these great samples to make this podcast as UNITED as one can dream of! Enjoy your summer everyone and I hope to be on your dance floor soon. Love, Tony
Destination - Mexico City
May 06, 2015 10:05 AM PDT
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When Jorge De La Rosa throws a birthday party, it resonates throughout the music world. His event “Boys & Toys” was no exception. Performing with guys like Oscar Velazquez, Jack Chang, Alex Acosta, DJ Xavier Santos, Carlos Gomix and Edu Hidalgo, the world was ready to hear what we would do for our friend. What we did? We blew the house down! Jorge and his amazing crew created an environment that took fantasy to a new level both visually and musically. I recorded my part of this magical evening, and although I removed some songs for legal reasons, the feeling remains. I will release the names of all the tracks as I remember them, but I was eager to share this evening with you. It was great to be part of Jorge’s birthday and I wish him the very best. I just celebrated a big birthday myself…but the number does not make you lazy. It brings out the lion in you. We were lions that night. That is why I risk releasing a podcast of such great length. That’s how I roll through the experience. Enjoy the ride and please subscribe to us on Podomatic. The more subscribers we get, the more music I can bring to you. Love, Tony
Tony Moran and The Latin Soul Riders
August 22, 2014 02:45 PM PDT
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I have been waiting so long to get to this set because it is such an extension of myself. Going back to my roots and truly, this is what I play when I am just hanging out and wanting to listen to cool grooves. At that perfect tempo that makes my hips swing when I'm anywhere. The Latin party in me totally comes across, but when you are raised in Brooklyn, you are also surrounded by so many variations of Latin styled dance music as well as some great soul vocals. New York is truly a melting pot. If I could invite you all to a house party at my place right now, this is what would come on. Just enough energy to make you feel welcome, sophisticated and happy. Where you want to grab somebody's hand to finish the moves with you. I hope you all enjoy this.

As well, I just made my selection purely as a DJ. No special mash-ups necessary. These are tracks that are some of my favorites that I have collected or purchased. I love music, whether I am the one that is making the songs or not. It's how you play it that gives me my style and I feel it.

As I provide the track listing, you too can purchase any one of these tracks on Beatport.

Enjoy and everyone please don't forget to subscribe and support dance music.

Track Listing

1-Antema (Dub Mix)

2-La Mania (David Herrero Remix)

3-Damasco (Original Mix)

4-La India - Con La Voe

5-La India - Love and Happiness

6-La Viciosa (Original Mix)

7-Sombre Guitar feat. Jackson Sloan Spiller (Latin Age Remix)

8-La Isla Caliente (Santiago Mix)

9-Friends Always feat Jocelyn Brown (Original Mix)

10-Melody Of Samba Shabuya (Anthem Mix)

11-Cantando (Original Mix)

12-Peter Brown House Pretty -Tech Is That

13-Latin Session (Original Club Mix)

14-Paradiso Del Mundo (Original Mix)

15-Flowers From Belo Horizonte (Club Mix)

16-1 2 3 (Original_Mix)

17-Latin Breeze Tribal Remix

18-Love What You Feel feat. Joy Malcolm (Soulful Cabrera Mash with 1 2 3)

19-Iasi (Original Mix)

20-Man With Soul (Original Mix)

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