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NYC - XL : Classics from The Rising Sun
January 09, 2013 01:23 PM PST
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New Years was banging from everywhere around the globe this year. You did not have to be there to channel into it. For me, in 7 days, I had that celebration rushing from Belo Horizonte to Tai Pei. They were amazing and they were living for every moment as was I. But now, I had one more stop to go to and give it on NYE; my hometown of NYC, and it was going to be a long and crazy night for sure. Getting on that plane in Taiwan, I knew that I would actually be able to feel my first sunrise of the year and it would continue rising as my set went on, but I would enjoy it for sure when I was done at XL in New York. Since I knew we would be going 'til very late, I decided that after I was sure that I have served them properly with my fully loaded library, that I was going to entertain them in another way musically. XL changed the color and décor of the room and it became a land of classics being played with a rising sun. Perfect. I made selections for my set by going for titles (which I partially obsessed over) that have touched me, changed me or gave me the courage to accept change as I was living here within a talent pool of maestros that is legendary after legendary. Respect to you all. For all my friends and fans out there, please understand, you don’t have to come from New York to feel it, and much of the music originated in other great cities, but they inspired me here and I hope you enjoy this and have a Happy New Year, Tony.


1. Grace Jones - "Pull Up To The Bumper”

2. Marshall Jefferson - “Move Your Body”

3. Sylvester - “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real”

4. H2O feat. Billie - “Satisfied (Take Me Higher)”

5. Mary Mary - “Shackles (Praise You)"

6. Pulse - “The Lover That You Are”

7. Blaze feat. Freemasons - “Precious Love”

8. Destiny's Child - “Independent Woman”

9. Bucketheads - "The Bomb"

10. Inner City - “Good Life”

11. Alcatraz - “Give Me Luv”

12. Urban Discharge feat. She - “Drop A House”

13. Whitney Houston - “I’m Every Woman”

14. Frankie Knuckles - “Whistle Song”

15. Juliet Roberts - “Caught In The Middle”

16. Colonel Abrams - “Trapped”

17. Donna Summer - “Love’s About To Change”

18. The Brothers Johnson - “Stomp”

19. Robin S. - “Midnight”

20. Vivian Green - "Emotional Rollercoaster"

21. Veronica - “Someone To Hold”

22. Inner Life - “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

UNLOADED vol. 2: Time To Take Out The Big Guns! - Tony Moran
November 12, 2012 02:46 PM PST
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There are few things in life that are sweeter than having a vision...

After being so humbled and inspired by the love shown to me either through my sets, or from many of my original compositions in those sets, this vision came to me of how exactly I wanted to put together Volume 2 of my Unloaded podcast series.

I took three of my latest sets which had me unloaded to an even bigger level.

So when I just recently played at my NYC hometown residency (XL Night Club), in Bahia, Brazil (Hell And Heaven Party) and in Tokyo, Japan (Glamorous Party), I had the idea to take these three journeys from different areas of the world where I really had to take those big guns out!

I am new to putting up podcasts, but like all the steps I've taken throughout my career, I do not succomb to the pressure of having to conform as it restricts me from creating.  I am taking a chance by not limiting or compressing the journey I want to share with all of you. You have about two hours here, and I hope that you, my friends, followers, and subscribers continue giving me your support and spreading the news to help me take my music to new places to encourage my own growth.

I have included many of my most requested unreleased mashups as well as original songwriting/production compositions; many that I unfortunately cannot release on my own, but I can share them with you through my podcasts and I will be able to let you preview them individually when you go on to my new site.


It's in the early stages, so give me a chance and hit the "+" sign, reach out to me, and watch it get better every day.

This is what my partners from Sugarhouse Records, my management and myself created to get a Tony Moran "all access pass".

So from the podcast you'll be able to hear the never available...

Queen vs. Tony Moran "No Escape from Reality"

My Mashup Of "Escobar" by Danzando

My New Remix of Colton Ford "Let Me Live Again" that has been blowing up the dance floors

My Great friend DJ Paulo's remix of my classic with Deborah Cox, "Easy As Life" - It is soooooo HOT!

My Mashup of a fierce track that my friend DJ Alex Cohen turned me on to called "Drums Of Benirras" where I threw in full on Loleatta Holloway in there.  Drives people absolutely crazy!

Then of course two of my favorite experiences ever; my production and songwriting moments with two of the greatest Divas of all time, Donna Summer and Cher.

Donna's "Valley Of The Moon" that was written by Donna, myself and Nathan Digesere which never got to be released.

Then there was awesome experience with Cher, who I recorded at the home of my greatest inspirations, David Foster. Written by Bruce Roberts, it's titled, "Love So High" and did this version that did not make it on the album for retarded reasons that is not worth getting into, but Cher herself was amazing.

Thank you to all the incredible talent that I love to promote and promote me back. Mauro Mozart, DJ Enrry Senna, Gustavo Scorpio, the legendary Peter Rauhofer, Jody Den Broeder, Giuseppe D., Stonebridge and Edson Pride.

Much love and see you soon.




1. Tony Moran vs. Queen "No Escape From Reality" (Remix by Tony Moran and Deep Influence)

2. Florence & The Machine - "Spectrum" (Enrry Senna Unofficial Remix)

3. Peter Brown - "Alegria"

4. Dynanik Dave & Zodiac feat. Loyalty - "Nothing Better" (Mauro Mozart/Tony Moran Re-Edit)

5. Kylie Minogue - "Timebomb" (Peter Rauhofer Big Room Mix)

6. Tony Moran feat. Inda Matrix - "Let My Mind Play On" (Tony Moran/Deep Influence Remix)

7. Rihanna - "Diamonds" (Edson Pride Unreleased Mix)

8. Escobar - "Danzando" (Escobar vs. Tony Moran Remix)

9. Deniz Toyu - "Tung" (Mauro Mozart Re-Work)

10. Alex Cohen vs. Tony Moran vs. Loleatta Holloway - "Drums Of Benirras" (Federico Scavo Remix) 

11. Stonebridge, Chris Kaeser, Funky-J vs. Gaga - "MDF In The Dark" (Incognet Enrry Senna Rework & Mauro Mozart)

12. Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams" (Nick Club Mix Re-Edited By Tony Moran and Eddie Elias)

13. Almike feat. Renée Santana - "Fly" (Danny Verde Remix)

14. Donna Summer and Tony Moran - "Valley Of The Moon" (Tony Moran and Jody Den Broeder) [The Never Released Mix]

15. Colton Ford - "Let Me Live Again" (Tony Moran and Warren Rigg Club Mix)

16. Madonna - "Masterpiece" (Gustavo Scorpio Private Mix)

17. Tony Moran feat. Anastacia - "If I Was Your Boyfriend" (Gustavo Scorpio Club Mix)

18. Tony Moran - "If The World Could Be Mine" (Tony Moran/Deep Influence Remix)

19. Deborah Cox and Tony Moran "Easy As Life" (DJ Paulo Exquisite Mashup)

20. Cher vs. Tony Moran - "Love So High" (Private Unreleased Remix)

BACK IN TIME - A Classic Set
August 28, 2012 08:08 AM PDT
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All songs written, remixed or produced by Tony Moran.

1. Gloria Estefan - "I'm Not Giving You Up" (Tony Moran remix)

2. Jennifer Holliday - "No Frills Love" (Tony Moran House Mix)

3. Tina Arena - "Chains" (Tony Moran Anthem)

4. George Michael - "Fast Love" (Tony Moran House Mix)

5. Jordan Hill - "For The Love Of You" (Tony Moran Anthem)

6. Selena - "A Boy Like That" (Tony Moran Tribute to West Side Story)

7. Kenny G - "Havana" (Tony's Island Anthem)

8. Scatman John - "Hey You" (Tony's Scat-Trip Mix)

9. Slash and Marta Sanchez - "Obsession" (Tony Moran Carribean Mix)

10. Cover Girls feat. Nicky Richards - "Whenever You Need Me" (Tony's From The Heart Mix)

11. Barry Manilow - "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" (Tony Moran Global Gift Of Love Anthem)

UNLOADED - Tony Moran
August 10, 2012 04:14 PM PDT
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My first podcast for 2012 is now available.  You can subscribe with iTunes or with PodOmatic.  Hope you like it!

1. "If I Was Your Boyfriend" - Tony Moran feat. Anastacia (Mauro Mozart Powah Mix)

2. "Let My Mind Play On" - Tony Moran feat. Inda Matrix (Tony Moran/Deep Influence Remix)

3. "The Sound Of Gold" - MIA (Tony Moran Private Mash Up)

4. "La Mexcla" (Tony Moran Private Mashup)

5. "Somebody That I Used To Know" - Gotye (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix)

6. "Ready To Spank It" - Pagano and Tony de Vit vs Antranig (Aaron Christopher Mash Up)

7. "People Come Together" - Jennifer Holliday (Tony Moran, William Umana and Deep Influence’s Magical Dub)

8. "Set Fire To The Synth" - Songkran vs. Adele (Remixed by Tony Moran and Giuseppe D.)

9. "Sensation" - Tony Moran feat. Orion (Mauro Mozart Remix)

10. "Down & Dirty" - Peter Brown and Lucas Reyes (Vocal Mix)

11. "Feeling Inside" - The New Iberican League feat. Sheilah Cuffy (Club Mix)

12. "Tenderness” - Tony Moran feat. Deborah Cox (DJ Head Remix)

13. "Euphoria" - Loreen (Edson Pride Remix)

14. "Chicky Boom!" - DJ Paulo, Alain Jackinsky, Michael G. (Tribamerican Mix)

15. "Heartbeat" - Diva Convention (Tony Moran/Warren Rigg/Giuseppe D Remix)

16. "Turn Up The Radio" - Madonna (Offer Nissim Club Mix)

17. "You Are The Source Of My Energy” - Tony Moran feat. Inda Matrix (Remixed by Tony Moran and Deep Influence)

ASCENSION (2011 Closing T Dance)
September 09, 2011 05:02 PM PDT
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Excited to release my first podcast with more to come. Continuous Mix from Fire Island.

It was such a great Summer, and I finally captured one of those sets that is loaded with classic moments and that daytime joy.

Hope you enjoy it as much I as I did in creating it.







1. The Church - "Let The Sunshine In" (Produced by Tony Moran)
2. Barry White - "You're My First, My Last, My Everything" (Tony Moran Remix)
3. Jennifer Holliday and Dr. Kucho - "No Frills Love" (Tony Moran Remix)
4. The O'Jays - "Love Train" (Tony Moran Remix)
5. Sarah Washington - "Everything" (Tony M Classic Remix)
6. Tina Arena - "If I Didn't Love You" (Tony Moran Remix)
7. Tony Moran - "High" (Tony's Vocal Unreleased Remix)
8. Gloria Estefan - "Don't Let This Moment End"
(Produced by Tony Moran/Remixed by Hex Hector and Mac Quayle)
9. Stevie Wonder - "Another Star" (Tony Moran remix)
10. George Michael - "Fast Love" (Never released remix by Tony Moran)
11. Godwin- "Long Train Running"  (Produced by Tony Moran)
12. Jon Secada - "Too Late, Too Soon" (2011 Remix Produced by Tony Moran)
13. Kim English vs. Tatjana - "Unspeakable Joy" (Santa Maria VS Tony Moran Remix)
14. U2 - "Where The Streets Have No Name" (Remixed by Jody denBroeder and Tony Moran)
15. Michael Jackson - "You Are Not Alone" (Remixed by Tony Moran and Jody denBroeder) 

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