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Destination - Mexico City
May 06, 2015 10:05 AM PDT
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When Jorge De La Rosa throws a birthday party, it resonates throughout the music world. His event “Boys & Toys” was no exception. Performing with guys like Oscar Velazquez, Jack Chang, Alex Acosta, DJ Xavier Santos, Carlos Gomix and Edu Hidalgo, the world was ready to hear what we would do for our friend. What we did? We blew the house down! Jorge and his amazing crew created an environment that took fantasy to a new level both visually and musically. I recorded my part of this magical evening, and although I removed some songs for legal reasons, the feeling remains. I will release the names of all the tracks as I remember them, but I was eager to share this evening with you. It was great to be part of Jorge’s birthday and I wish him the very best. I just celebrated a big birthday myself…but the number does not make you lazy. It brings out the lion in you. We were lions that night. That is why I risk releasing a podcast of such great length. That’s how I roll through the experience. Enjoy the ride and please subscribe to us on Podomatic. The more subscribers we get, the more music I can bring to you. Love, Tony
Tony Moran and The Latin Soul Riders
August 22, 2014 02:45 PM PDT
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I have been waiting so long to get to this set because it is such an extension of myself. Going back to my roots and truly, this is what I play when I am just hanging out and wanting to listen to cool grooves. At that perfect tempo that makes my hips swing when I'm anywhere. The Latin party in me totally comes across, but when you are raised in Brooklyn, you are also surrounded by so many variations of Latin styled dance music as well as some great soul vocals. New York is truly a melting pot. If I could invite you all to a house party at my place right now, this is what would come on. Just enough energy to make you feel welcome, sophisticated and happy. Where you want to grab somebody's hand to finish the moves with you. I hope you all enjoy this.

As well, I just made my selection purely as a DJ. No special mash-ups necessary. These are tracks that are some of my favorites that I have collected or purchased. I love music, whether I am the one that is making the songs or not. It's how you play it that gives me my style and I feel it.

As I provide the track listing, you too can purchase any one of these tracks on Beatport.

Enjoy and everyone please don't forget to subscribe and support dance music.

Track Listing

1-Antema (Dub Mix)

2-La Mania (David Herrero Remix)

3-Damasco (Original Mix)

4-La India - Con La Voe

5-La India - Love and Happiness

6-La Viciosa (Original Mix)

7-Sombre Guitar feat. Jackson Sloan Spiller (Latin Age Remix)

8-La Isla Caliente (Santiago Mix)

9-Friends Always feat Jocelyn Brown (Original Mix)

10-Melody Of Samba Shabuya (Anthem Mix)

11-Cantando (Original Mix)

12-Peter Brown House Pretty -Tech Is That

13-Latin Session (Original Club Mix)

14-Paradiso Del Mundo (Original Mix)

15-Flowers From Belo Horizonte (Club Mix)

16-1 2 3 (Original_Mix)

17-Latin Breeze Tribal Remix

18-Love What You Feel feat. Joy Malcolm (Soulful Cabrera Mash with 1 2 3)

19-Iasi (Original Mix)

20-Man With Soul (Original Mix)

The Vault - Part 3
July 12, 2014 09:42 AM PDT
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The Vault - Part 3 is my favorite of the whole series. During the course of this set, it was all about the sexy beats and familiar vocals, so this time I am including the track listing...

Music is timeless, and though many of these songs are from a while ago, their arrangement is not predictable, and I was definitely having a good time with it. So I leave this part of this set for you pleasure.

Because of my DJ/work schedule, I wanted them released more closely, but your requests have paid off. Enjoy my friends, and please do not forget to subscribe, that way I know that you are not randomly listening, but you care about the time I put into it. The rest of the Summer has me every where on the globe, but when I listened to this, I was in heaven.

Love, Tony

Track Listing:

1. Celeda/Danny Tennaglia “Music Is The Answer” (Tony Moran Remix)

2. Reina "Find Another Woman" (Deep Influence Remix)

3. Jesse Garcia “Mas Que Nada” (Tony Moran Remix)

4. Ralphi Rosario "DJ Made Me Do It"

5. Offer Nissim "Offer Rocks" (Tony Moran Remash/Remix)

6. Deaux "Music" (Tony Moran Remix/Edit)

7. Tony Moran feat. Frenchie Davis “You Are” (Tony Moran/Warren Rigg Remix)

8. Alan Natal “House Music” (Tony Moran Remix)

9. Israeli Female import - no name

10. "Embrujacha" (Tony Moran Anthem)

11. Tony Moran feat. Everett Bradley "Put Your Hands Up"

12. Mariah Carey “That Chicl” (Tony Moran/Warren Rigg Anthem)

13. Fragma “Toca’s Miracle” (Tony Moran Remix)

14. Tribal Drama - unknown artist

15. Tognarelli & Bertani “I Get Power” (Tony Moran Trbal Madness Edit Mix)

The Vault - Part 2
June 10, 2014 10:10 PM PDT
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The Vault - Part 2 continues everyone for your pleasure. Of course, I can't help to make it start interesting. It's just my way. The intro is not in the original set, I just added a little something to ease you into it. The producer in me just has to do it. When I make a unique introduction, I feel like I am looking for the friendliest way to say "hello". Then I'll say, "you are definitely breaking in those new dancing shoes tonight."

Welcome to Part 2. I don't even remeber some of the songs/tracks I played during this set from the that amazing night in LA. It was a guarantee that I wanted you all to celebrate. I played what I felt and all of these original mixes and productions that are in that set, I don't even know where I have any more , so don't expect to hear them anytime soon. I am looking for them though. Over time, music has changed, but I like to play the way feel now as well. I feel stronger and appreciate all these wonderful moments that happen because of music.Enjoy my friends and please all of you out there, please take the time to subscribe to my podcast because I want to look forward to doing more of them. If you keep on subscribing, I'll keep doing them.

All Love, Tony

The Vault - Part 1
May 24, 2014 03:12 PM PDT
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You followers made me do it. I truly thank you for that. With so much great feedback it inspired me to do more of them. Aside from creating new podcasts I decided to create a series entitled “The Vault” which will consist of sets from past events. My manager, Patti, taps me on the shoulder and says, " What About My Freakin Birthday Party in 2009 produced by “Reflex & Atlas” at The Factory in LA?". She's asked before but I felt it was too personal to review. It was 5 hours long and never had wished so hard to make it an extra special evening for such a close friend. She reminds me about it frequently enough and I was rummaging through some other sets I have in a cabinet (that also acts as vault for special memories). Music and other wise She saved the effort to look for it because she had it in her hand in front of me. Persistence pays off and those few anxieties that still had been inside of me all these years about having done better over a few glasses of wine and what I played from beginning to end. What a fantastic road to memory lane. I was proud of the whole thing, so I decided to split it into a 3 part series to let you space out the night as you prefer. At the end I will release 1 continuous journey that made a lot of people hurt their feet so good.

If you keep on subscribing everyone, I'll keep on delivering for you. Happy Birthday Patti and thank you for giving me space to find some of these answers on my own. Enjoy everyone! Tony

CONTACT: Patti Razzeto -…id465219244?mt=2

Spin Spin Sugar Podcast
May 03, 2014 05:15 PM PDT
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Every time I go DJ, I know that a new story will unfold. That is the story of "us" on that some of those nights and what I know is, as it all comes together I can be sure that the audience knows why I want THIS STORY to happen. Because I love music that much and I simply cannot restrain myself from sharing that feeling with others. What an amazing weekend that was playing at SPIN in Dallas and Jungle Nightclub in Atlanta. Each legendary locations, both Station 4 and Jungle event planners had created a spectacular production with special lighting and energetic images to make an event that would totally stimulate ALL of your senses. We all shared those feeling that night regardless of which city we were in.Though my sets was about 4 hours long each, I tried to highlight pieces from those set to give you taste of my Sugar that you can share. Included in this SPIN , SPIN SUGAR set are many of my exclusive and private mixes along with a debut of several new productions and remixes that include Martha Wash, Colton Ford , Todd Terry, Jason Walker, Mylie Cyrus and many more. I intentionally chose to leave out the track listing so that so that you can't what titles are making the journey happen. I will do that later and let you SPIN through it in the meantime.

Thank you for supporting and showing the love. I can't wait to come back to both places!


Please support my music by going to

Tour de Beats - Tony Moran - CD 2
March 18, 2014 10:38 PM PDT
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After traveling as much as I have ever the last couple of years and having a passport that looks older than the pyramids, this Tour De Beats has revealed so much to me. That even though no dance floor experience is the same, no party is the same and no city is the same, we are all linked by the groove. When its on (and I love to turn it on) WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER IT. Music has brought me so much joy and making this CD represents moments I’ve had from Sydney to Brazil, New York to LA and everything in between. We have a lot more dancing to do so be ready for what’s ahead.

Being a part of the magic on the dance floor has been unforgettable so thank you!


1. Piliavin and Zimbardo vs. D-Formation - Tie Me Down

2. Holly James vs. Friburn and Urik - Touch It (Tony’s Tribal Rework)

3. Friburn and Urik - I Need You

4. Tony Moran Presents: Zhana Saunders Waiting for Alegria (Deep Influence, Tony Moran and Warren Rigg Remix) Produced by Tony Moran

5. Tony Moran Feat. Deborah Cooper - Live You All Over- Produced by Tony Moran and Warren Rigg

6. Chus and Ceballos - Echoes for Doruma (Iberican Dub)

7. Remix Fanatics - Horn Drivers

8. Mario Ochoa - Habla Con La Luna (Dr. Kucho Remix)

9. Friburn and Urik - Show It

10. Vernessa Mitchell - Took My Life

CONTACT: Patti Razzeto -…id465219244?mt=2

Tour de Beats - Tony Moran - CD 1
March 18, 2014 10:54 PM PDT
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After traveling as much as I have ever the last couple of years and having a passport that looks older than the pyramids, this Tour De Beats has revealed so much to me. That even though no dance floor experience is the same, no party is the same and no city is the same, we are all linked by the groove. When its on (and I love to turn it on) WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER IT. Music has brought me so much joy and making this CD represents moments I’ve had from Sydney to Brazil, New York to LA and everything in between. We have a lot more dancing to do so be ready for what’s ahead.

Being a part of the magic on the dance floor has been unforgettable so thank you!


1. Tony Moran and the Party Starters - Jumpin’

2. Suzanne Palmer - Luv 2 Luv-(DJ Ohzee and the Butcha Remix)

3. Willy Sanjuan - Tribal Funk)

4. Ron Perkov - Dance With Me

5. Raw Deal - Party Time

6. Deborah Cox - Easy As Life (Tony Moran and Warren Rigg Brazilian/Babylon Mix)

7. Latin Ball Busters - Pump It Up (Deep Influence Mix)

8. FC Nond Project - Kerosene

9. Reina - If I Close My Eyes (Tony Moran and Warren Rigg Late Night Rework)

10. Tony Moran - Give Me Love

11. Kristine W - I’ll Be Your Light-(Tony Moran and Warren Rigg Anthem)

CONTACT: Patti Razzeto -…id465219244?mt=2

The Event - 2008
February 09, 2014 05:30 PM PST
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I wrote so many songs that year to help me get through so many things that were coming to me at the same time. Not all bad, not all good. Many great things and many big choices I had to make that would make a great impact on my heart. That heart is strong and I am human.

I poured myself into my music and my lyrics and melodies and of course my dance music brothers and sisters and the result is one of my proudest mix journeys. Many # 1 dance songs came from channeling those energies and all of them are available on ITunes, Beatport and Amazon, etc.

Take the time to download some of these songs to bring you back to the moment that you had during anyone of these songs. Support the industry that has been so there for you. In the meantime, enjoy this podcast and I send you all my love. Tony

To the incredible talent that has given me the gifts of voice, heart and love of the music. I write with my pals listed. The message is just a message without the messenger to deliver them. You have all channeled my feelings into performances that inspire positivity, energy with connectivity to those who interpret it to make their night or day better.

Deborah Cox, Kristine W, Nicki Richards, Everett Bradley, Sharon Bryant, Martha Wash, Lisa Lisa, Jeanie Tracy and Vicki Shepard, and of course the producers/remixers that make "THE EVENT" bigger than me: Ralphi Rosario, Jody den Broeder, Warren Rigg, Guisseppe D, Martin Fry, Dan De Leon, DJ Paulo, Tracy Young, Lascelles Stephens, Frank Lamboy, Hosh Gureli and the list goes on and on as you read the booklet. Thank you all for making the collection what it is.


1. The Engagement Event Intro Written and Produced by Tony Moran

2. Put Your Hands Up - Tony Moran featuring the voice of Everett Bradley & the Drums of DJ Paulo

3. Keep Your Body Workin’- Tony Moran featuring Martha Wash

4. La Muzika - Tony Moran

5. You Get Down - Tony Moran featuring Catherine Russell

6. Everybody Dance - Deborah Cox (Offer Nissim Remix)

7. Dance Floor - Tony Moran

8. Surrender Me - Tony Moran feat. Debby Holiday

9. Freedom - Tony Moran feat. Nicki Richards

10. Amplitude - Tony Moran

11. Universo Alegria – Tony Moran / Jody den Broeder

12. Walk Away - Tony Moran feat. Kristine W

13. Say It Again - Tony Moran

14. Something About You - with vocals by Tony Moran (Offer Nissim) Remix

15. Rock Into Your Soul - Lisa Lisa (Remix By Tony Moran & Warren Rigg)

16. “The Flame" - Erin Hamilton (Remix By Tony Moran & Warren Rigg)

CONTACT: Patti Razzeto -…id465219244?mt=2

January 27, 2014 04:10 PM PST
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Because it is uncommon to have podcast 3 hours long, I decided to give you guys the option to download as Part 1 or Part 2 for your convenience. My story and experience is the same.

Every set I do is emotional for me. I leave my soul open to join with all of you on the dance floor. I channel all of those emotions and I come prepared and confident to meet you with music in me and available to me. From there, let's take that ride together to do something special.

In September of 2013, I pulled out all the ammunition I had prepared to follow (with my energy) the path to take you on a provocative and sensual journey.

The history of San Francisco's MAGNITUDE party is known throughout the world as the premiere event to explore your mind and body. The DJ has to live up to adding to an incredibly designed and thought out platform; best lasers, best lighting and sound displays I have ever witnessed. Did I feel the pressure? YES, but that's the pressure I want to feel to push myself creatively and live up to the task that the many masters before me accepted. When I tell you that room was HOT, it was not because of global warming.

MAGNITUDE/Folsom Street weekend... I remember having that feeling when I first played at Cameo theatre in Miami and Alegria at Crobar with DJ ABEL.

Get ready world, I am going to be doing plenty more of this.

Though I rarely do it, I allowed my set to be recorded. My friend DJ Jack Chang told me it was totally cool and this guy is amazing. What he did to rev up that room for MAGNITUDE was just pure brilliance. You have to check out his podcast!

Now it was my turn, I did my best and the experience was unforgettable. I had so many remixes prepared, it was just crazy, but I was so psyched!

This podcast uses most of that set and I had to edit out some songs that were not yet available respectfully, but I stayed on my journey regardless... to share it with you.

I am including the track listing, and I encourage all of you to support the industry that gives up everything to create for you. I love paying respect and applauding the talent that make my crowd feel good, and I want them to know that I do appreciate it.

I am releasing an album along with this podcast titled TONY MORAN - AFTER DARK - "The Singles". Please support it.

It was an honor to be a part of MAGNITUDE, and I had to title the podcast AFTER DARK because, from my point of view, this is the most I could ever want after dark.

Because it is three hours long ,and that is unusual for a podcast, I am also going to make it available soon after as part 1 and 2 for your convenience.

Thank you everyone for all your continued support, and I can't wait to see you somewhere on this dance friendly planet.

Love, Tony


20. I Give In - Tony Moran feat. Orion (DJ Enrry Sena and Mauro Mozart Remix)

21. Que Lo Neccesito -DJ Lapetina VS Tony Moran

22. Aphrodite - Kryder (Joe Gauthreaux Re-Edit)

23. Serenity - Jf Sebastion's Don't Be Afraid Remix (Louie Devito VS Tony Moran Tribal Remix)

24. I Like It Hard/Return Of Nothing - Sandstorm (Tony Moran VS Peter Rauhofer Mash Remix)

25. Hey Hey - Ella (Tommer Mizrahi Remix)

26. Tony Tribal Madness

27. Need Somebody - Tony Moran feat. Trey Lorenz and Nicki Richards (Paulo Remix)

28. Matteo - Tony Moran feat. Spirit (Mauro Mozart Remix)

29. The Violin Track - Nachao Chapado (Tony Moran Re-Edit)

30. Yolo - Derick Banks (Baldhead Reedit VS Tony Moran Rework)

31. More and More - 1_Track Down This Murderer (Tony Moran Remix)

32. I Like The Way You Do It - Tony Moran feat Zhana Saunders VS Jesse Garia - "Bounge"

33. House Is A Tribal Journey - Martin Circus VS Deborah Cox

34. Ecuador tribal (Mavgoose & Quin Remix) Tony RE-work

35. Rolls Like Superstar - Tony Moran feat Nicki Richards (Bryan Reyes Remix)

36. Once In A Lifetime - Talking Heads (Tony Moran Mash Up)

37. So Damn Beautiful - Poloroid (Andy Morris Mix VS Tony Moran MIx)

38. Change The World - Simo Remix VS Tony Moran


CONTACT: Patti Razzeto -…id465219244?mt=2

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